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Soble Dance Movement is the inspired vision of Jacob Soble.  Jacob's passion for dance is evident the moment he takes the stage.  His musicality and unique style have been described as captivating, inspirational and breathtaking.  His love for dance, which began as a 6 year old tapper, has expanded to many genres including Hip-Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, and Ballroom. Having developed many of his skills on his own, Jacob's creativity led him to start choreographing at age 15.   

Now, as an 19 year old, Jacob is gaining even more notoriety as a gifted choreographer.  He was recently recognized as the top choreographer at multiple competitions in the Los Angeles area.  However, for Jacob the real joy is making people "feel something special." His compelling routines add emotion to music videos, while engaging audiences at live performances.  Every week Jacob creates beautiful routines, for himself as well as other dancers.  "When I choreograph, I'm telling a story.  To see other dancers perform what I've created is very emotional for me.  It's so raw and vulnerable, since it's coming from my heart.  Dancing shouldn't be about how high you can jump or how fast you can turn.  I believe dance should be about sharing a story, creating emotion through movement, and dancing for your own love of dance." 

Jacob has started a 501(c)(3) non-profit outreach program called 'Love 2 Dance Inc.'  He donates his time teaching students Hip Hop and Contemporary dance after school in the East County School District.  He hopes to make a difference by inspiring a new generation of dancers.  "My plan is not just to teach kids how to dance, but to help them become more confident in their everyday life.  I may be young, but I believe my story and commitment will inspire them to be better teenagers!"

Jacob teaches dance to all ages in various studios throughout San Diego and the surrounding areas (including La Jolla and Carlsbad).  Jacob credits his former dance instructor, Anthony Rodriguez for inspiring him to choreograph.  Over the past few years, Jacob has had the privilege of dancing in showcase performances at Malashock Dance in San Diego, in addition to competitive dance competitions throughout Southern California.  In his most recent competition, the '2018 San Diego Young Choreographers Showcase,' Jacob was awarded 'Best Individual Dancer.'  Jacob is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance at San Diego State University.